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Blockchain-based social network community

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Earn money

Blockchain-based social network community, join-us and earn various digital tokens, reward others and build a rewarding community.

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True ownership

Proof of Brain is the next generation social network for Web 3.0. Blockchain technology gives you a real free speech, without any censorship or banning. Only you control your own account, content and communities.



Hive blockchain has many social, gaming and financial apps that you can access with a single account you own. Access your social network account and content from any other 3rd party apps in decentralized way.

Open source

Join and be part of the building team on Web 3.0. Everything that we build is blockchain-based and open source. We welcome tech talents, developers, creators and entrepreneurs.

Join and lets build together!

Our History

The founder of the Proof of Brain community wanted an upgrade from the existing web interface. Using Ecency source code as a base, @leprechaun adapted it to allow access to HIVE, HBD, POB and other tokens.

Since then we have been continuing to build for Web 3.0 and improve our blockchain-based social network, making sure apps are as accessible as possible, secure and in many languages the world speaks.

Our History
Our Vision

Our Vision

We want to bring a secure and rewarding blockchain experience to all people. Social media without any limits and censorship, where only you control your own account and your communities. Secured by blockchain, powered by people.

Our main principles : Bring rewarding communities, true ownership, empowered creators, free speech into the hands of millions.