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BOMBSHELL: Major study finds Natural Immunity is far superior against Covid than Pfizer!

Pfizer is generally seen as the world's best mRNA injection for Covid-19, but Israeli researchers have found you're much better off if you've recovered from the virus on your own! The study, just released, was made possible because Israel exclusively used Pfizer - very quickly before any other country - generating a wealth of data which now shows the whole thing did more harm than good!

Natural immunity provides longer lasting AND stronger protection against infection by the SARS-CoV2 Delta variant than vaccine-induced immunity from the Pfizer shot. The same goes for protection from symptomatic disease and hospitalization.


And it's not just a small difference - natural immunity is multiple times better against the Delta variant, which has become the dominant mutation spreading across North America, at nearly 90% of cases.

You're FAR safer once you've had the virus naturally and recovered, like I did in Feb-April 2020, than if you were to take the so-called vaccine.

So why are they making this injection MANDATORY for everyone except social outcasts? Along with an "immunity pass". Do these injections make anyone immune? Nope! And we can prove it. Meanwhile, those of us who actually are immune, are being removed from society and outcast as dangerous lepers.

This is SICK!

Remember this study whenever anybody uses the term "immunity passport". They aren't immune. They're just carrying a digital app to prove their submission to big pharma and the state, that's all. It's the rest of us who are actually protected from the virus. Not only are the so-called vaccines not "safe and effective", they're downright dangerous.

We're told "this is NOT a manmade virus that escaped from a lab, it's a natural virus". So if this is really just a garden-variety bug from Nature, like those we have been encountering and dealing with for millions of years, why the rush to replace our immune systems with spike-protein generators injected through a syringe?

Remember: You can NEVER get unvaccinated.


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