CoVid-19 Information

Is the PCR test effective?

Absolutely not! Fruits and goats have tested positive.

Are these Vaccines Safe?

Absolutely not! Vaccines you have used through your life time have gone through safety studies that take years. These injections are different. They have not been shown to be safe or effective. In the short time they have been on the available, they have been shown to be unsafe.


Search it out yourself but not on censored platforms. Use gab, parler, brighteon, bitchute, 3speak and bittube

Still not Sure?

Decided to not "vaccinate"?

It's not enough if you keep yourself safe. You need to also support others. Remind them why they have said no. Let them vent to you.

Decided to "Vaccinate" against Covid-19?


  1. Vaccine composed of dead Covid-19 virus
    conventional technology) but with no long term safety data. Animal safety studies resulted in dead mice and ferrets. Please take out life insurance.
  2. mRNA "Vaccine" which is really genetic therapy and riskier new technology with no long term safety and the inventor advocates against it's use!
  3. Wait seven years for the safety data while using I-Math protocol and safe drugs with decades of approval safety if you do get the virus.
  4. It's Up To You To Decide!