Immune Escape and consequences of vaccines: Main Stream News allegation rebuttal

Here we have main stream news alleging the unvaxxed are the cause of the variants. But does that really make any sense?


Who's payroll is CNN on again?

Let's Go Brandon. Immune escape. Real concept. Wikipedia, funded by public donation ---> <-- Citation.

"Consequences of recent vaccinesEdit
While vaccines are created to strengthen the immune response to pathogens, in many cases these vaccines are not able to cover the wide variety of strains a pathogen may have. Instead they may only protect against one or two strains, leading to the escape of strains not covered by the vaccine.[5] This results in the pathogens being able to attack targets of the immune system different than those intended to be targeted by the vaccination.[4] This parasitic antigen diversity is particularly troublesome for the development of the malaria vaccines.[5]"

Going by some testimony I've seen come out of the mouths of MD's themselves and as is written here on wikipedia: Some viruses are really good at changing up. They want to spread, its their biological goal. A virus encounters a host that has antibodies ready for it,what do you think its enticed to do? Stay the same and die? Did they stop influenza with one vaccine? Did they stop influenza with one flu shot every year? Or did we chase our tails pretending the flu shot worked while forking over tax coffer money to big pharma? So is what CNN and the like are saying really add up?

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