A tribe and community to blog and chat about cinema and tv and get rewarded in $CINE token .
Description or CineTv community is a platform on hive blockchain to write on all things motion picture, may it be movies, tv shows, animes and so on. The posts are actively being curated with $CINE token which you can trade on hive market, stake to earn curation rewards. Check on to see your $CINE balance.

The goal is to freely express your thoughts on the movie or the series you love and what you liked and hated about them. Your fascination around motion picture, your impressions matter, share them with the community, and let's storm the topics in the comment section as well!

If you would like to help us in our mission to promote the most outstanding contributions to our tags, please consider joining our @cinetv curation trail!

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- There are actually no iron laws, we're not tyrants, you know.

- That being said, you cannot plagiarized content from anywhere. This includes copy and paste as well as spinning content from sites such as Wikipedia and IMBD. We don't want generic generated reviews here, but you honest, original feedback on movies, film, cinema, and television.

- Posts only written by you are expected. If you use photos or text from others in your posts, be sure to include the source.

- Images MUST be properly sourced and not the main focus of your post to be considered appropriate under Fair Use provision of copyright law.

- Also be nice to people in the community, the social norms of engagement also apply here.

- And of course, only film, tv, motion picture related stuff are to be posted. Nothing else.

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