Carbon dioxide is good for humanity and good for Earth's biosphere

We Carbonists are positive about carbon-dioxide. Anyone who thinks that carbon-dioxide is not a pollutant is welcome to post, and all are welcome to read.

Together we will find ways to counter flags mounted by those flagging people who do not subscribe to the climate change alarmists' narrative.

If you are against a UN super government taxing you on carbon-dioxide, then you should band with others who are also against it. We by definition see no problem with the way we put carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere and a carbon-tax is absurd to us as income-tax is to John MacAffee. The Carbonists Community is for libertarians and right leaning people.

If you are happy to see world food production for the poor beause the Earth is actually growing plants better now, the you should be all into adding carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere. The Carbonists Community is for those who wish to champion the poor. This community is also for left leaning people.


- * Do Not post pornography of any kind

- * Do post in English

- * Do link to other sites containing this information.

- * Do site sources of you work

- * Do add as a beneficiary authors of sources of your work (when they are on Steem)

- * Do post about how climate change has happened in history and pre-history

- * Do post about the benefits of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere

- * Do post about false science used by climate change alarmists

- * Do post about the negative effects of the belief of "human caused climate change"

- * No "gender neutral new-speak". No "zhe" or whatever. Singular forms: He/she/this person/that person/it

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