Original Content Decentralized is a curation project on Hive focusing on Original Content.

Formerly known as Operation Curation Delegation we have shifted our curation focus to support a diverse selection of niche communities. We will be guiding newcomers and users to the correct communities so they are used the way they were meant to. Having a rich variety of communities all with dedicated moderators and curators will make for a much better experience for new users and creators to find the right place and for quality to thrive.

We will still be allowing general blog posts that dont fit in any of the communities we are supporting and curating them here in OCD.

Check out poshtoken and register here hiveposh.com, a token that rewards sharing of web3 content onto web2.

Join our Discord httpsdiscord.gg9RKjGMB

for more info


- Only post original content created by you.

- Post in English or English and your native language in the same post.

- We will generally refrain from voting on Political, Religious, Drama, Controversial and Cryptocurrency or Technical Analysis content and any posts that would fit better in the communities we are supporting. Check the pinned post for more info on which those are.

- Try submitting your content to the more appropriate communities before OCD unless you feel it does not belong in any and is original content that works within our rules.

- Cross posting from the other communities to get visibility from OCDs subscribers is okay as long as the original is posted in the appropriate community.

- Constant ignoring of our warnings to post your content in the other communities will get you muted.

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