Hive is the open protocol for Social Media much as Podcasting is the distributed protocol for media

Dave Winer, co-inventor of Podcasting and the originator of the open RSS standard wrote this on his blog:

Why podcasting isn't dominated

Second, how do I know that no single tech company dominates podcasting, or as some people claim a few of them do? Because the market doesn't behave like one that is dominated. There is no gatekeeper that can turn down your podcast, ...

Now to the question that I actually asked that no one seems to want to answer. Why? Why is it this way? Why podcasting and not the other tech-based media. Why is podcasting still open after over 20 years? Drumroll please. The answer: there are enough users who understand how it is supposed to work. They expect to be able to listen to any podcast anywhere they want.

This resonated with me and should do with a lot of the folks here on Hive. We are the ones who understand and care about open and what it really means to listen (or in our case on Hive) read everywhere.

Most probably don't understand why they have this ability, about the history and technology design that made it possible, but they understand that they have the ability. And it doesn't have to be all of them or even most of them, just enough of them, whatever that means. And for right now, at the end of 2021, there are enough. Podcasting has always been and remains an open platform. I can't say it will be for the future, but so far so good.

I'm focusing your attention on this because we can do it again. Start a new medium with the understanding that users have the right to move, the right to use any tool they want to create media or listen to (or read or view or experience) it. That there are no gatekeepers that control them.

"The right to move" is exactly what @theycallmedan says over and over, Hive is our back end, our open system, the sites we use, @leofinance, @peakd, @ecency and all the others... they're our moving options. Dan and Ned talked about it again this week when discussing the Instagram user who had "her" Instagram account name taken away and they laughed at the notion that it was ever "her" Instagram account name.

We can build anything we like on top of the Hive protocol and that's what we're doing. This continues to be why I see @v4vapp and @podcastindex being so important to fold into Hive.

Hive is the open protocol for Social Media much as Podcasting is the distributed protocol for media.

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