It's over!

The so-called pandemic which began in March 2020 is over! The best indicator, deaths per day, is under 5000 for the first time in over a year!

That peak in May 2021 was Delta variant, which began in India. They defeated it with Ivermectin tablets. When I say that in a comment on CBC News articles, the comment is deleted by invisible moderators. Their agenda is to hide the cures (like Ivermectin) so people believe the lie that "vaccines" are the only treatment available, which enables the vaccine passport system of segregation.

Now Pfizer wants permission to begin injecting their mRNA gene therapy into children as young as 5! Goofs!!

Children aren't at risk of dying from Covid, or becoming permanently harmed. Pro-vaxxers say "but they can carry and spread the virus!", which is true... but they can do so even if they are "vaccinated", since the "vaccines" don't stop infection or transmission. Jabbing them does nobody any good, and potentially exposes an entire generation to permanent damage like sterility. We have no idea what effects these chemicals and the mRNA therapy will have. That isn't hyperbole - we literally have NO IDEA what effects will occur in the coming years. Mandating it for little children is just cruel, not to mention foolish.

Singapore is one of the most vaccinated places on Earth. How are they doing lately?

Not good! They gave everybody Moderna and Pfizer, and now their healthcare system is collapsing under the strain.

If only they had learned from nearby India, which has defeated the pandemic completely with Ivermectin, not vaccines.

Here in Canada, the push to segregate unvaccinated people from society continues at full speed. We deperson, harass, censor, discredit, and financially ruin anyone who does not follow the narrative. Why? Is Covid a real threat to our society? No. The threat is the globalist technocrats, pushing us all onto a social credit digital ID system, like China has been using for a few years now.

Deaths are as low as they've been since this all ramped up early last year.

We have cheap cures with no side effects.

It's over.

Now, we just have to deal with hundreds of millions of angry people who got tricked into taking a dangerous substance they didn't need. It will be very hard for them to admit they were wrong, even though most of them now know it. They will do what they've done this whole time - blame those of us who saw through it from the start, and didn't fall for the trap.