Pains will come for gains to exist

If there was no thirst , you will not know the true value of the water which you drink , if there was no hunger , you won't know the magical power of food , if you do not know failure , you cannot understand what it means to succeed by overcoming failure , if you do not go through pain , you cannot know the power of relief..

I can keep giving so many examples concerning how things work in the life we are in.

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Those pains you think you are going through should not make you give up on life , infact you need to understand in life , no pain no gain..

Have you seen the gold ??you love the way it shines so beautiful and bright right?? You love its beauty and its value right?? But did you know that the gold went through so much fire before it became that beautiful metal??

So whatever pains you are going through is like the fire , you are the GOLD , the results when you survive the fire is what then makes you to become that valuable and shiny metal..

Do not let your pains stop you from becoming positive about your life , stay focused and someday you will overcome the pains..

It is well with you..

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