Yellow (Deranged Photography Challenge)

Typical Dutch flower fields. The ones in front are daffodils, but in the back are tulips.

Here is my submission for the @derangedvisions photography challenge of this week with the subject YELLOW.
One of the prerequisites for joining this photography contest is that the post is made from the Liketu interface.
This is actually my first experience with this interface. Being an amateur photographer (this is also the tier I'm competing in 😉) I'll certainly have another look at this interface.
Although I mostly use the Peakd interface this focus on photos of #liketu appeals to me.

About the photo; I live in the western part of The Netherlands; the region that is famous for it's flower fields. There are literally hundreds of these fields filled with flowers.
These are daffodils, but there are also hyacinths, tulips and more. It's a wonderful view with all the different bright colours.
I made a blog post of one of my recent visits a few weeks ago:

For the best experience view this post on Liketu

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