Ongoing POB Discussion Thread : #001

It can be easy to miss out on important discussions here on the platform while juggling a busy lifestyle. This can make it hard for you to form a better picture of the people who're here for the long-term success of the community and the project.

My goal is to provide a consistently updated page of links that can be left open in a tab and refreshed for easy access to ongoing important discussions.


I'll be prioritizing discussions that are related to Proof Of Brain but I'll occasionally drop in important links to comments or posts that catch my eye. Any comments sent below linking towards important topics or discussions will also be added to the list.

I will keep the list of posts/comments in one section initially but may start to place the links into various sub-categories. We'll see how much overlap we have as the week goes on.


Content standards, downvoting, and language - CLICK ME
author ~ @madstacks

Self voting concerns and rationale here on POB - CLICK ME
author ~ @leprechaun

Vote multiplier penalties and tribe interaction - CLICK ME
author ~ @uwelang

Plagiarism concerns and community response - CLICK ME
author ~ @calumam

Inviting friends and acting in the now - CLICK ME
author ~ @fireguardian

Token valuation and blockchain detective work - CLICK ME
author ~ @vempromundo

Tagging your POB posts - CLICK ME
author ~ @madstacks

Positive feedback loops and the opportunity for POB - CLICK ME
author ~ @lucylin

Beneficiaries, pob-fund, and project improvement talks - CLICK ME
author ~ @madstacks

Project update, roadmap and governance talks - CLICK ME
author ~ @proofofbrainio

Largest stakeholders and potential fears - CLICK ME
author ~ @allcapsonezero

Outside community tag use downvoting and potential adjustments - CLICK ME
author ~ @vempromundo


Building your stake with posts alone is a fool's game. Get involved with the discussions and share what's on your mind.

If you have someone's post in mind which has caught your attention and sparked some interest, please drop it below in the comments.

Any self-promoting without a valid reason will be downvoted to the bottom.

Don't forget to write your post for this week's POB Word of the Week!

There is 175 POB (liquid) up for grabs. That's almost 60 HIVE at today's current price.