Can't spend on you? LAVISH on THEM!

Did you all have a fabulous break last week?

All rested from your 4 weeks of constant traveling around the world? And now you're back - ready to visit your next location, right??? hehehe


Your time is THEIR time now.

Who are the people in your life that have done the most for you? Mom and Dad? A special aunt who raised you? Maybe a mentor that treated you like their child?

Maybe someone else that is super special and you never got the chance to show them how much they mean to you?

Now is the time.

Imagine that time stood still - and now, they are right there - in front of you. And you want to LAVISH them with a trip of THEIR lifetime!

No itineraries necessary. No budget breakdown. Here is all I want to know:

  1. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THESE PEOPLE TO LAVISH? What do they mean to you? What have they sacrificed for you? Why do they deserve this trip more than anyone you know?

  2. The trip can be as LONG as you want (in your mind, you can even RETIRE them there!) but SIMPLY GIVE US a PEEK into this trip, for the PERFECT day. I just want to know where you would send them and what special things would delight THEIR hearts. Just a peek of some of those things. Leave the rest between you and them! 😊

(any questions? ask in the comment section but be sure to keep reading this WHOLE post first!)


If you want to join in this challenge - it's pretty simple!

For Week 5 of the Dreem Destinations Travel Challenge:

  • You have THE DREEM CREDIT CARD for this trip. Don't worry about any cost. Spend as much or as little as you like. For this trip - you're not reporting cost at all! You are tasked with LAVISHING your loved ones. Do this as you see fit!

    • You have UNLIMITED days for this trip. It's completely up to you how long you want to lavish your loved ones! Maybe they would want to retire in your location? You got it! Maybe they just want a 3 day trip - and then return home. Totally your call. YOU tell us what your FINAL trip is all about!
  • Is it just for them? Yep - You're not going this time! hehehe Just sit back and hand over that DREEM CREDIT CARD and know that your loved ones are going to be surrounded by all the love you can give!

    • You can WRITE your post on any platform or front-end that you like! Tell us which platform/frontend you used to enter! Add your #teemspirit banner to your post! They can be found here
  • @pinmapple and #Have You Been Here community has LOVINGLY invited us use their tags for this travel contest! hehehe So feel free to drop that tag on there!!! (thanks for the recommend @dfinney!!!)


BE SURE TO ONLY USE COPYRIGHT FREE IMAGES - AND SOURCE YOUR IMAGES PROPERLY 😄 If you use images from a place where you have PURCHASED.. please say so! Any posts without properly sourced images or ANY type of plagiarism OR copyrighted images will be rejected. There are PLENTY of cc0 images you can use to give us the beauty and feel of the trip- those are good! Stealing is bad! LOL

Make sure you drop YOUR POST INTO DREEMPORT by MIDNIGHT UTC on Thursday, December 2 to be ranked randomly by public curators! This is no popularity contest! No one votes just because you're their friend! 🤣 The PUBLIC CURATORS read 5 RANDOM entries to judge against one another - so it's fair and objective! Cool, right???

(AND yep - after YOU drop your entry in - feel free to come back the next day to be a PART of the judging! You can't vote on yours. hehehe so it's all fair!)

Let your imaginations take you to dreem world. This is your opportunity to show the world how much THEY mean to you. Do it well 😘

But I haven't used DreemPort before, Dreemie?

'Tis ok! If you are new - go ahead and go there to register now so you're ready for Thursday! You are helping us test the site for these challenges - so THANKS for having fun with us!

Our last week will not be what you expect at all...Come ready! 😍

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