Experiencing a Fire Evacuation from inside!

I can't believe it's been a month since my last video! But. yeah - strange month it's been! hehe

I took this video 2 weeks ago when we were got the word that the evacuation warning had turned into a mandatory evacuation. I wanted to show you THEN what we were experiencing, but... well, over the next few videos I'll try to explain some of the thoughts that were going on in my mind, and why I just "couldn't" yet. Not sure I explain it well, but I try! hahaha

But I'll save that for tomorrow!

For now - I thought many people might want to actually see what it was like, being evacuated from a wildfire. I've been in 3 wildfire evacuations in the 20+ years we've lived in California (see - I didn't say Cali that time, @dandays hehe) and I have to say - this one lasted the longest, but was also the least stressful in some ways. And I'm just so thankful that we go through it in one piece! and once again, God has blessed our family in amazing ways! So super thankful!!!

Hope you and your families are all well!!

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