Caturday - Diabetic Cat, Injections and Nurse Ratched!

One of the cats I'm cat sitting for has diabetes, that was only diagnosed this year.

She now has to have an insulin injection every morning and is on a special diet.

I have never injected anything in my life, so I was quite nervous. A few weeks ago, I started practicing on an orange and then a teddy bear.

The time came this morning to jab the puss cat. I sorted the injection out first which I found a bit fiddly. I hope I'm better than Nurse Ratched!

Apparently, I need to have the insulin up to the fourth line of the syringe. I kept the puss cat occupied my giving her some breakfast and then I went for it!

Phew! It went very well and I can relax now .... until tomorrow. The puss cat hasn't fallen out with me either.