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Author of our story



When we trust in what we do we totally and categorically highlight our role as the main author in our life story, we have to believe it to feel it and above all to live it as intensely as possible.

I have been tired of seeing personal stories where the author of the story is absent, because he has no confidence in what he does, making all his effort tremble because of his weakness of not trusting in what he does.

No one is born learned we have to get our role of protagonist if we want to walk on our own, many people expect others to guide them and this makes them constantly dependent on other people something that I do not recommend to anyone because we all have to elaborate our life story.

When these people dependent on others begin to realize that they must acquire their leading role in their own life at first it may cost them but it is a matter of time, time shows us that the best thing we can do with our life story is to appear as protagonist otherwise it is as if we did not exist for us and this can mark us forever and it is not the idea.

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