Wotw season 4 w 5/ Unconscious Growth.

The craziest thinking ever that will help elevate humanity unconsciously is the fact that you see someone growing and you also want to grow like the person.

The resentful desire of something possessed by another or others (but not limited to material possessions). [from 13thc.] ▼

This is the Oxford dictionary's definition.

The only word I want to pick from the definition is DESIRE. When one desires something he or she strives to get it by all means. Not minding the process taken by people who have gotten to that stage followed.

Ade has always wanted to be like his twin brother Dele. The most painful of it all is that they both grew together having almost everything given to them at the same rate and level and destiny seems to be playing on the grownup young man as Dele succeeds in almost everything he does while Ade on the other hand gets the opposite of what life presents to Dele.

You can imagine how painful this will be it's not better, it's not as if Dele was given a better opportunity than Ade, who went to school all through the universities in town.

The two young men studied Business Administration since they both will want to take after their fathers business enterprise.

After their graduation, their Dad never wanted to keep them in the same place.

He wanted everyone to ve man of himself so he decided to give to both of them an equal portion of His property so they can both start a new life now not as twins but as young men who will soon be heading g a family.

With the business going great but then Ade kept struggling to make things work out fine for him.

#ENVY Ade was now envious of his brother through a positive one as this kind of thought will not take him into wanting to hurt his brother so to kill that feeling Ade had to work extra miles to see that he beat to that.

And of course, his extra miles were doing him well as he began to get things right he discovered there is something his brother is doing that he is not doing.

Envy can help one achieve what others are achieving just like the illustration given above about these two brothers.

But then there is always a dark side to humanity.

Dark side of Envy.

It propels wickedness in the heart of a human, envy can make one get up on his feet but that is for the strong and determined people but also it can lead one into doing the unexpected like putting the life of one in danger.

It can even drive one into murder because it's the beginning of witchcraft in humans.

Stay away from the heart of envy live a life free of envy keep tight to your daily struggle and always have a positive thought about life and you will see yourself

Advancing in life.

#pob-wotw presented us with so many words that kept me thinking but I think these have done more good than harm to humanity.

Thanks for passing by.