For me the twitter unban was looking more a plot than an action anyone should be celebrating. It doesnt speak well of us that it was ever banned, neither do I believe the lifting was done with a clear conscience. The social media is a tool for expression and if we recall, the whole matter of banning twitter escalated after our dear presidents tweet was removed on claims that it was provocative.

This sounds a bit funny as even his tweet could be flagged. Means every other person could also be flagged.

The ban was more of a show of power to me and never considered the ton of people who make a living from the bird app. Well they eventually had to use the VPNs but of course we all know the detriments.


Well before you begin celebrating and tweeting, I advice you get your PVC ready and active. Join a Party if you will, run for a position if you can, stay politically aware because you must. Or else, your rejoicing will be a dance of the folly.

I had to find out the grounds on which twitter had returned to function and I realized some clauses in the agreement made.

There will now be legal registration of its operations, taxation, and managing prohibited publications in line with Nigerian laws.

In other words, the twitter will have to register its company in Nigeria and set it up within the first quarter, then select a person to spare head the agency here.
We recall this was where the problem started when twitter created an outlet in Ghana a few months before, and we all felt Nigeria could have been the place. Well now we can have twitter here now, but I m sure there is a difference between forcing a child to go to school and when the child willingly goes to school.

Twitter will also be taxed, as Nigeria is a massive consumer, some taxation would not be out of place from its revenues.

There is also an agreement to enroll Nigeria into a partnership which will give Govt official assess to check prohibited contents on the bird app. This sounds like muzzling still, in the face of free speech, this doesn't seem to sound like what you want to celebrate.

Your tweet is being watched, you can be traced and you can be nabbed.

One last thought for me, can there be a relationship between the Unbanning of twitter and this year of Political Campaigns?. Won't twitter be in somepeople's agenda as an achievement?

What is the hope of free speech?

Now Twitter has agreed with the Government to fish down prohibited contents. Recently a few crop of people fled to gettr because Joe Rogan's tweet was flagged.
I see much of this happening in the near future. The Web2.0 babies are beginning to show just how centralized they all can be. And what is worse is people are beginning to be smarter to find platforms with decentralization like Hive. Even gettr seem to have some sort of centralization as I hear it is sponsored by China.

For the sake of free speech, let more people know of the place called HIVE. Let @threespeak become a common name, let more Nigeria discover the opportunities of using their hive accounts, and I am sure no one will have any reason to be afraid of expressing themselves in the 21st Century anymore.

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