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Binance keeps my HBD

Binance decides to keep my money.

I don't know why I did this. I think of Hive and Hive Dollars as similar things. They are on the same blockchain. If you can transact Hive, you can transact HBD and I know I should have just converted everything to Hive before sending it, but I didn't. For that oversight Binance has frozen the dollars I sent them. They say they cannot 'retrieve' my funds. It's in their wallet. It seems like they are in some kind of maintenance mode for wallet withdrawals and they wont permit me to convert the Hive Dollars into for Hive itself so you can send to but not get any Hive from there.

I'm going to do some wood working as I'm just so agitated enough to be dangerous to myself. It's not like they have stolen years out of my life.

A group like Binance should have the wherewithal to be able to send back a Hive transaction they don't want. I feel like not ever using their services again.

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