Now You Can Display Things in Terms of BTC

People have been asking whether I could make the new interface display in POB. If you just hover over the rewards you'll see all of the tokens that add up to the payout for the post. While investigating adding POB as the unit of account, I found that BTC was already there. I enabled it in the settings page. Unfortunately, with only two decimal digits, everything reads as zero. Not very useful at all.

This 2 decimal place hard coding was replaced with 6 decimal place hard coding. The value of 0.000,001 BTC is worth 5¢, so it is a good number of decimal digits to use now. Even if BTC's unit price were to reach $100k, a millionth would still be only a 10¢, so there is no need to worry about this change becoming obsolete in the near future.


Also Numeric Display Was Rewritten

For converting small numeric values, rarely I would see them displayed as "NaN". This problem only effected coins with more than six decimal places. So when numbers were less than 1e-6 but positive, this would sometimes happen.

Displaying POB as the rewards?

I have something that displays POB for the rewards but there are it is not ready for prime time.

The fiat display of value has been a source of discord in the community. I had to go through four steps to login to Discord. So I have stopped using it. I'll start using it again I guess.


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