Poor Leprechaun Not Getting SEX


I found this site as it redirected from BlurtWorld and it's the Hive Engine interface to replace the older Nitrous version. In this MyScoop.com site, they have some kind of SEX token.

If you have SEX, you can power up and have SEX power. You can go to Hive-Engine.com and buy or sell Sex, assuming you don't have any moral objections to that kind of thing. On the other hand once you get SEX, you can say you have sex.

According to my wallet over there I don't have any SEX. This kind of thing has happened before. There was a clone of Bitcion called Sex coin, in that case we could ask the question, which sex?

I'm sticking (so to speak) with Proof of Brain but I couldn't resist milking the topic, if you know what I mean?