The gluttony of knowledge {Pob-wotw}

They say that knowledge is a true power , well i believe life itself is knowledge , you need the right knowledge to understand life and how to handle it..

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You need knowledge in whatever you want to do in every aspects of life , having the accurate knowledge about anything you want to do , it makes it easy for you to be able achieve success while doing those things..

I am a kind of person who is like a glutton towards knowledge , i love to receive knowledge all the time , i love to make knowledge my favourite meal..

I always love to acquire the true knowledge about anything i set out to do , i acquire those knowledge by reading books , reading informative article, visit wonderful blogs like we have here , listen to audiobooks or any educating materials , i read journals , just name it..

I love to read anything which will add more to my knowledge in life , and it has helped my life alot , it makes me to always have a great idea on whatever i want to do , it has also boosted my confidence , it has also made me to become valuable to many people around me , they ask me some questions concerning various subjects and they get stunned that i do have answers to most questions asked or i at least will always have an idea about it..

My gluttony of knowledge made me to keep wanting to get the true knowledge about various subjects , it makes me to become versatile and be filled with wisdom , it makes me to be able to offer solutions to problems around me , it makes me to add value to myself and others..

It also makes me to know the right decisions to take in my day to day activities in life , it made me to be good at motivating others and teaching them more about life and how they can get whatever they desire , it has made me to have better understanding about how to become valuable to the society and become great..

In other words , i am addicted to getting more and more knowledge and i am not ready to stop...cheers to you all..

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