A Call to Action

POB aims to have the fairest token distribution possible. @proofofbrainio is the only account that currently has any stake so it will decide what posts receive the first distributions of POB. Replies to the whitepaper and any posts have already been upvoted.

In an effort to be as fair as possible, some criteria must be set to give everyone an equal opportunity to earn POB in the initial distributions.

The goal with proofofbrain.io is to have interesting, engaging content that people enjoy interacting with. As a human, what I find interesting is subjective, but I will make an effort to be as objective as possible.

Your original content could be anything from creative expression to technical analysis or anything in between.

Here are some topics that seem like obvious choices to my mind, but by no means are you limited to these:
Crypto – Bitcoin, Blockchain, Hive, Hive-Engine, Tribaldex, Tribes, PoW, PoB, POB
Life – Stories, TIL, Ideas, Projects, Hobbies, Travel
Current Events/News


The goal is to have original, engaging content. So, prove you have that big ole’ brain, post something interesting!

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