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The word envy has different interpretations,but it depends on how it appeal to you,what the word mean to you as a person. I can say that ENVY is when you wish to have a quality that another person has. Envy is not a negative word,it is a quality that one should posses if one knows how to use it positively that can change you from mediocre to professional.

Envy has changed my life as a person when I was in Secondary school and in the tertiary institution. I positively envied those students who are brilliant and I always wish to have and become what they are. This really helped me to improve in my Academy and it turned me to one of the brilliant students throughout my days in the school.

How Does This Happened??

Any time I see someone who knows something more than me and who is doing good in anything,I alway want to posses that quality also and be like that the person. I also believe this that brilliant students do not have two heads,they have one head like me,but what make them to be at the top of others?It is only because there are somethings which they are doing which other students are not really doing.

I remembered in my secondary school days,there was a guy called Olumide, this guy was so brilliant that every teacher knew him at that time,he went to various places to represent the school even Nigeria as a country. One day I saw this guy reading after the closing time,he stayed in one class alone reading some topics in biology textbook which our biology teacher had not taught us. He was reading ahead of other students and writing whatsoever his was reading down. I was very surprised to see him on that day.

Many students wished to be like this guy,but not all could do what he was doing at that time. I remembered one day,this guy didn't wait for physics lesson. Our physics teacher asked of him,but he was not around. The next day,he attended the physics lesson and the physics teacher started to ask him questions and the guy was providing an answer to those questions. I was so surprised on that day. Many students wanted to become his friends,even I as a person I wanted to become his friend,so that he could teach me things I didn't know at that time and again I wanted to know how he studied.

I was positively envying this guy,I wanted to know book the way he knew it. I wanted to become brilliant like him and because of this ENVY to be like him,I always took time to read seriously and this habit really turned my life around. I created long time in reading,which too me from the average student to the top.

Although I didn't know book like him,but I was also one of the best students. I had many friends who really loved me, because of my intelligent.

Positive Envy has been helping me in many things, because I always have this kind of mentality that if this person can do this,I as a person can also do it, even in great and different ways. If this person can know this thing,I as a person can also know it.This been helping me to believe in myself.

I always ENVY the grace of God upon people lives,which also make me to pray to God to ask for the grace too and God giveth me. ENVY has brought many gifts, blessings into my life.

I really envy people here who have many POB TOKENS. How I wished to have many POB TOKENS like you guys.😁😁😁😁

THE NEGATIVE SIDE OF ENVY:Envy is very dangerous if it is not handle very well. Envy have make many people to do what they are not supposed to do. Envy have make some people to do evil things, because they want to become like their friends.

Many guys today,are doing Yahoo, because they see there friends with cars, building houses and they want to be like them.

Try to envy good things in people lives and not the bad things which you see in them.

Thank you for reading through.

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