Whales and Hive Blockchain

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Long time ago i used to post my contents on steemit but since the hard fork took place ,i switched my interest on hive blockchain because i always was a supporter of such a vibrant community which i could only see on hive platform.
Whales is such a word which everybody could like to have friendship here on hive blockchain because They are ultimate ultra large upvoters of any contents that are created on hive .
I wish myself to be friendship with them but they are almighty of hive creators and only whales will decide where to go with. Some times we create valuable post after putting lot of effort in content writing but hardly we get the reward worth of your hard work. This thing make the creator little upset and down.
If we compare Hive Whales upvoters with other blockchain like Steem than you will finalise at the spot about your decision of putting lot of time in just creating .
Hive whales are true upvoters which i mean to say that if your content is added value to the community well then Hive Whales will upvote your contents with huge voting power.
Few fact about hive whales which is something must be told that they upvote the content automatically which make them save their times as they believe the author is trustworthy and never post spam or plagiarised
contents but sometimes Whales this mind set left other deserving post without getting upvoted.

I have seen lot of post which deserve upvoting but could not get enough attention and their whole contents could not get the rewards in multi dolars .

Whales in the sense we called a complete creator or destroyer at hive ecosystem .It applies even in side chain of hive where perform its roll to appreciate the creators through upvoting . many tokens like Leo , Pob ,Sports, Spt , Vibes, Cents ,pizza, beer. are good in price value even at initial stage and once they become more stable and established on the side chain then just imagine how the creators will be rewarding with side chain tokens including hive .

The Hive ecosystem is recently after came to exist, changed its mechanism of upvoting the contents where no any voting bots will be active like previous time when steemit and hive was not hard forked .
Author and creator each get 50% share of the rewards where these whales plays vital role for upvoting the contents .In the terminology of hive ecosystem ,The upvoting to author contents called Curation .
Overall , Whales are very important to balance the ecosystem of hive with quality contents creators . Both rely upon each other to get the reward .In other terms ,whales are just stake holders who get rewarded passively with just upvoting and promoting the author .

I wish to become one of the whales at hive but still i need to go long way where i earn the reward and powered up so my voting value get little worthy . I also can buy hive from the exchange market but right now price is too high to bear .

Anyways i am not going anywhere leaving hive community because i like their mechanism where creators and appreciators are having great bonding .

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