We Should Dream Big, Doesn’t Matter How It Will Work


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Hello awesome people over there, its Friday morning here and today I woke up late than usual. Woke up late doesn’t means I was dreaming actually the thought came to my mind when I was drink coffee this morning after breakfast. Actually having big dreams has positive and negative sides but we have to choose go for the positive impact of it because everything in this world has positive and negative sides, some are visual and some are hidden, that's the fact.

Dream is not something which come to us in our sleep. Here dream means aim which help us to be reach our goals. There are many successful living legend we can find around who have changed their life by having big dreams and today their success kisses the sky. Amongst all right now one name came to my mind and its Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan who started his acting career with theatre and for his talent and big dreams he reaches the success in Bollywood industry and it was not possible without having big dreams as he told it many of his interview to motivate others to have big dreams.

But one more thing we have to keep in mind that when we dream big and work on it, we shouldn’t do bad to others because when we try to pull down others and try to reach our dreams, it has high chances to be fail. Because there is no short cut to be successful and doing bad to others hardly can bring success but that success surely temporary and your bad deeds will never bring happiness for lifetime. So the most important thing we shouldn’t forget that when we dream big, we also should have a big heart that a big heart can help us win hearts and that can be a big success too.

A big dream that bring blessings is always great. Today when I was thinking about my little position and dreaming to achieve some goals sooner or later. Dreams sometimes keep us alive as we are hopeful and work for it everyday. For example I'm working with a company that pays average amount of salary and you working hard to improve your position and getting promotion. A company employee if has dream of having his/her own company after 5-10 years then he/she should have dream big to lead a company and prepare himself/herself for it. A big dream can help us to achieve the goal to lead our own company or institution.

For me once I had dream to do photography as a photographer but it was not such big dream so I just afford to have my own camera. And it was the starting and my problem was that I always scared to have big dreams and may be that's why many of my dream or goals remain incomplete. Once I went for learning graphic design to a government course and there was a trainer who told us to have big dreams and today or tomorrow the dream will come true. He gave us an example that, if today we have dream to have our own car, it can be ours after few hours but we have to be serious about our dream and work on it.

Today a lots of things come to my mind that insist me to write on this topic. I'm neither a motivational writer nor a advisor but if my writing helps it will be a big thing for me for sure. Most of the time I share my random thoughts in this platform and this help me to think louder and make discussions. Today's random thoughts are about big dreams that can be a passion or aim too. A big dream that is helpful for oneself should be helpful to others. If its harmful to others then forget about the blessings and success. So your dream can be out of your range or unlimited because the there is no boundary. If you dream for the best, at least the dream can help you to get the better. So good luck to all of you, including myself.

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