Raag's 1st Metro Ride

A child should never be devoid of anything, rather should be given a lot of exposure so that they can know more and better which would enable them to be independent. I want my child to be independent at a very early age, I want to enable him to be able to make his decisions very soon.

Parents usually hesitate to take their children to public places and using public transport with them. I am not that mother. I want my child to experience everything. So I took Raag out for a metro ride yesterday.

He was amazed to see such a big vehicle. He was initially speculating what all is going rounding but after some time he settled and he started to enjoy his ride. He was looking at the other ladies in the coach and smiling at them.

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-14 at 10.54.59.jpeg

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WhatsApp Image 2021-10-14 at 10.54.58.jpeg

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He did get irritated towards the end because of restricted movement but I anticipated that and so took some fruits and chips for him to divert his attention and that worked.

We must not put any kind of restrictions on our child especially when it comes to letting them accommodate to different environments. This allows their behavior to be adjusting and composed.

Next, I plan to take him for a rickshaw ride 😁

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