Coffee ceremony with my friends - Eritrean family and POB photocontest: Subject: CIRCLES.

It happened before the Covid-19 craziness when our life was much easier and less hysterical, and some of us underestimated it. Now many people fell into the nostalgic way of thinking about how it was and how it will be - in other words - the new normal.
But today my post is just about the Eritrean coffee preparing ceremony. It is very similar in Eritrea and in Ethiopia. Just I was a witness of the ceremony during my trip to Etiopia, and the photographs I publish today I photographed during the ceremony in TelAviv. My friends, the family of Eritrean refugees invited me as a special guest to the wedding of one of the uncles of my friend. His bride was from New York and she flew to TelAviv just for a few weeks for the wedding ceremony. I photographed some photographs during this event but mostly was curious to see this coffee preparing process.


Typically The ceremony is performed by the woman of the house where the action is taking place. It's considering an honor.


The traditional set of coffee cups.









Himbasha is very tasty Eritrean bread, served on special occasions like this time.


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Subject: CIRCLES
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