The Rise Of The Predas? A Tale Of Two Pizzas!

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Mr. and Mrs. Preda checked the room for any eavesdroppers, then got down to business.

"The Pizza Baron is a very dangerous man! He not only knew what each and every Baron needed, but also how to get the best deal for what he wanted or needed to keep his people happy and healthy."

"Yes dear, but we already made the agreement. Unless you are suggesting that I break my word?"

"Of course not! We are going to follow through. But next year, I want to have the upper hand."

"What do you suggest, dear?"

"I want that recipe and chef! And the cheesmaker, along with a milk cow! Just think Zed, if we control the supply of oil AND pizza we could most likely rule the entire northern part of the continent."

"How can we, dear? I've heard that Danny Rupert rules with an iron rod. None of his people would dare cross him."

"We will have your best men infiltrate the chef's supply team. They can locate the cheesmaker along with the key supplies. When they deliver to the keep they can keep an eye out for the recipe, and opportunities to find out the chef's habits. If he can't be convinced to join us willingly, we will just have to convince him another way."

"Are you joking? The Baron has walls around the entire city! My men would never get out alive with a prisoner."

"Then they will just have to convince him that we will give him a much better life. Promise him an easy schedule and plenty of rewards. Protection from his former boss. Whatever he wants."

Meanwhile back at the Pizza Baron's keep:

"Otto, I'm glad you told me! I had no idea he was so close to a meltdown. When I meet with him, I will find out what he needs to do his job without so much stress."

"Thank you, Sir. We also have a supply problem. There was only one pallet of olives, and they are almost gone. The rest of the supplies are renewed from nearby, though some are quite rare. We need a few more cows, as well as a bull. Anchovies will need to be raised somehow."

"Fine, I will put men on it immediately. Is there anything else?"

Sausage, flour, onions, tomatoes, garlic, and herbs aren't a problem any more. Once the farmers found out that I would buy all that they could provide they began to cultivate them in bulk."

"Good, good. I understand that Charlie needs some help?"

"Yes, Sir. And perhaps an apprentice or two. He will need time off in the near future, or he will become useless."

"Good idea! I don't want to kill him, he shall have everything that he needs! Also if he is interested, I will arrange a nice suite in the keep for him. I will discuss these options with Charlie now, thank you for informing me about the situation, Otto."

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