Sublime Sunday Start! grab a little magic

I never look at reblogs. lol

Ok - 0.1% of the time, I happen to catch a reblog. And MOST of the time... they are super strong posts of super strong readers, that in my opinion don't really need a reblog. LOL

Cuz they are already on trending with 100's of dollars. I think the reblog should be for stuff that no one is seeing! So they can BE seen!!!

But - if you're like me, you rarely look at reblogs anyway. (which is a shame for the amazing people that REALLY NEED the reblog hahaha)

So instead of reblogging, and pretty much ensuring that NO ONE sees it, I decided to dedicate my #sublimesunday post to this amazing lady ❤️ She doesn't just make magic - she teaches YOU how you can do it too! She sources her images and from what I've seen is a very responsible blogger and artist - I love she shows that you CAN make an amazing post without stealing images or words! Just credit those who give you their permission to help you make your content - and everyone wins!

Just stop reading and go check her out? hehehe if you want to see me gush more about her - read below... but THEN go check her out!!! (but I say just go see what she does for yourself!😘)

screenshot of @ykdesign's blog - go visit!! 😊

(plus she is the sweetest little sugarcube you've ever met!)

My gushing... lol
A few weeks ago, I happened to catch a reblog from @penderis. The thing that caught my eye was the preview image - It looked SO interesting!!!! I clicked on it, and found myself going THROUGH this girl's blog - in AWE of what an artist she was!!!!! I seriously couldn't stop clicking post after post, watching her turn 7 images into one amazing creation!!! Most magicians don't reveal their tricks - but she wants to help turn you into a magician too! Her post today was TRUE magic (and @snook and @samsmith1971 - if you get a chance to see it, you'll figure out FAST why I love it! hehehe)

Most times - you'll find people so absorbed in their art, that they become a little bit of a recluse hahaha - but nope - not her! She shares what she knows, and comes to visit you and says hi too! I love that she's so accessible and open. I think you'll love her too!

@tattoodjay, I know you're starting to do amazing things with your edits!!! If you haven't met @ykdesign yet... you HAVE to see what she does with her talent - it's absolutely amazing!!!! Maybe you'll pick up some cool new techniques! hehehe I was thinking too bad she couldn't find a way to add in some of your amazing light scribbly things into her art too hahahaha collaboration time! LOL

Have a #sublimesunday all - and thank you to @c0ff33a who created this sublime community for us to share all kinds of things!