Walk past? or Walk back? (what are these??)

This is not going to be my typical #wednesdaywalk post - because sometimes, I just like to go with the flow and share what's on my heart and what I've been experiencing.

The other day I was walking from the car into the store. At the market, they always have flowers and plants on the way in. (I never really thought this was a great idea -hahaha because often you walk past them on the way in, and when you're walking out - it's too late to buy them!)

But today, I walked past .... and then walked back!

Christmas is approaching, and so in America- we see these everywhere!


Just your typical poinsettias - all over! Red, super holiday-happy, they just make everything feel Christmas-y!! I wasn't planning on getting one. It seems a little too early since tomorrow is just Thanksgiving? But.....


I have NEVER seen a poinsettia like this - have you???


They almost look like carnations - or some type of flower - instead of the massive flat leaves. I walked out of the store - passing them by AGAIN. hehe But I took a picture. I thought - well, at least I can show people what they look like.

And then I thought - why??? LOL
Why would I walk away from something THAT unique? Why not BUY them and actually have them to SHOW people when they come to the house! Who knows - maybe they are the most rare poinsettia in the world- and some famous scientist PLANTED them in the marketfront JUST so some person can have them

and now that person is me :)

I actually think poinsettia's grow long after the holidays - but we get rid of them instead of taking care of them. So I'll be seeing how long I can have this one last! LOL (not making any promises LOLOL)

But I'm so glad I WALKED BACK :)

Have you ever walked past something and then regretted not walking back??? Share your story ! hehehe