Crushing it, and Cutting the Mustard with a Chronic Illness

Crushing It CHronic FTW.pngModified using an image by Layers from Pixabay


I crush every aspect of my life!!!

I'm a born winner!!

A positive mind-set defines your life, rather than your life defining you!!

Notice how I decreased the exclamation marks there? A little note to all you 'motivational speakers and writers', there is never a reason to use more than one exclamation mark, that is the whole point of exclamation marks, to add emphasis to a sentence, putting more than one is wrong grammar.

Here are my motivational points for the day for you to chew on.

  • Learn, research don't be stupid, and you will stop crushing it... 'it' being your brainpower.

  • If you are taking so much creatine that you become bloated, feel the need to drink 15 pints of water/day... or end up looking like this guy 👇 Stop, or seek the advice of someone with a brain, and or medical degree. You are doing it wrong.


  • If you're constantly using the phrases 'I'm crushing it'. 'pain is just weakness leaving the body'. 'I'm totally deuced out bra'. 'I'm dominating today bra'. 'Stoken for going the gym today bra'. 'my delts are absolutego bra. or ranting about how much 'I've been totally pounding crown'.
    Or refering to yourself as 'dong-a-saurus rex'.

    You're probably taking too many steroids and those shrinking balls are causing you to hallucinate. Source if you want to check out what some of the terms above mean 🙃

Chronic Illness Crushing It Means Choosing to Win When you Can

Where there's a will there's a way, and nothing is impossible... unless of course, it is 😂

Levitation through the power of the mind.

Absorbing the impact of a lorry travelling at 90 Mph with your totally ripped core bra.

Flying without the aid of some type of device.

All impossible and no amount of positive thinking will stop you from becoming a shitstain of blood on the road if you do take up the lorry Abs challenge.

marketing-426013_1920.jpgImage by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Crushing it While Living with a Chronic Illness

There are many ways I take life by the balls, despite having an 8-year chronic gut illness that all the gastroenterological specialists are unable to figure out.

Taking 3 hours to take a shit in the morning.... I crushed that shit!


It takes me less than 1 hour to drop a deuce from my ailing body these days... even though 2 years ago it took me 3-4 hours to deposit into the porcelain cauldron.


As someone who has a long-term chronic illness, I have to say to anyone else with a chronic illness... it's all in your mind.

Apart from when it isn't, and a 6-year history of specialists at the height of their professional career can't work out what the fuck is going on with your body.

But fck them, you can get over it all like I did yesterday.

20220518_144359.jpgWorking space for glass cutting adventures.

It's all about small victories with chronic illnesses. For example, I'm not having a flare-up at the moment. When I am having a flare-up, I literally have such extreme muscle pain that walking from the bedroom to the living room is agony.

So I get out and get stuff done when I can.

20220518_142401.jpg1st cut was not a perfect break and but will still be usable with care upon instillation as a pane of glass for fixing the greenhouse.

Yesterday I got out to the allotment in the sun and taught myself how to cut pain's of glass with a little advice from a glazier friend earlier in the week, a glass cutting tool he gifted me, plus watching a YouTube tutorial several times.

20220518_144328.jpg2nd cut was almost a perfect straight break and a perfect sized pane of glass for fixing the greenhouse.

Dug up a whole pile of earth and sorted out the greenhouse (I only have a greenhouse on a friend's allotment, I wouldn't be able to keep a full allotment)... Crushing it shoveling it!

You can always crush it, roid out, and destroy the expectations of the world.


... until the next day when your muscles don't work to the point where you can barely walk to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Seriously, yesterday's activities have crippled me so bad I've had to kneck some painkillers just to be able to concentrate fully to sit and write this blog.


But yeah, believe every wankstain on Youtube convincing you that for the small price of $250 dollars for an initial consultation they will give you all the answers that the conventional doctors can't give you. Their next piece of advice after taking your money, will be to insist you buy their specially formulated supplements, only available through their link.

Believe me, I've tried everything and researched heavily into alternative treatments for my illness. I have made myself my own doctor and health advocate... and ended up spending well over $1500 on supplements to follow different protocols.

20220519_095603.jpgA panorama photograph I took of a small selection (basically what I have left) of the supplements I've bought

With as much success as the antibiotic bombs, the specialists have thrown at me, the insane elemental diet (which is pre-digested foods that they feed to comma patents) I stayed on for three weeks, and my own choice to try the ketogenic diet for 4 months.

Yup, I lost 3 stone but none of my symptoms improved, nor did the abdominal bloating disappear.

To get out of sarcastic, comic mode for one final thought... I will say that with chronic illness it is important to get your mind right.

I have done this through meditation, as half of the suffering happens in the head, the identification with pain, or the frustration of not being able to heal and live a normal life.

Through meditation, I've been able to come to a level of acceptance and remove the obsessive thought patterns around my illness, which may at some point allow me the clarity (and luck) to stumble upon the answers.

But every now and again, when I see so many shitposts where people who are in a perfect state of health, are essentially showing off in a three-paragraph post about how they are crushing it.

Been the gym, or been for a run, or walked eight miles today.

A sarcastic rant like this just pours out of me.

Try writing a funny post that includes more than 500 words shtposter, or an interesting (well researched) travel article of 2003 words, like I did a few days ago.

And that is how you 'crush it' on hive - by adding real value through your content and not adding to the massive pile of short badly written ego-centric posts with one photo and no substance.

Content Crushing It.

Thanks for reading 😜🤓

All images used in this post are either cc licence sourced from pixabay and linked below the picture, or they are my own photographs taken at the allotment yesterday.



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