It's "Bring your fam to Leo" week - Are you ready?

Oh yes, @leogrowth wants to do their part in growing the @leofinance community, and with your help we believe that every last week of the month is the best moment to do so, as some sort of end-of-the-month-effort to bring Leo to the masses.

Bring your Fam to Leo week


Your Fam is not necessarily your family, it's just a person who is close to you, so this initiative doesn't involve just your relatives, but everyone who you think is ready for Leo's Web3 and the Hive ecosystem.

All you have to do participate on this initiative is to successfully invite and onboard ONE person to Leo Finance.

Tell them about Leo and the Hive ecosystem, show them everything they can accomplish and learn by joining Leo Finance and exploring the various apps built on top of the Hive Blockchain. Show them how opening an account on Leo can change their mindset about money, crypto, and life in general.

Leo Finance is for everyone

Becoming part of Leo Finance doesn't mean your Fam has to be an economics expert or a money magician, they just need to understand that every topic in life has a money aspect and if they want to write about that topic on Leo, they just have to spin the mindset and tackle it from the money side of things.

Peter's mom likes homesteading, so she thinks she can't write on Leo. The truth is, there's a lot of money financial aspects of homesteading like how to make a budget for growing your own vegetables and what to take into account, there's also the side of how much does one has to invest to be veggie self-sustainable, maybe Peter's mom can write about local veggie prices vs supermarket prices vs homegrown prices...

As you can see, every topic belongs to Leo Finance, the Lion just needs to see that all it takes to have a Leo worthy post is to talk about the topic from the money side of things.

Invite, onboard, then let them fly

Invite ONE member of your Fam, your squad, your gang, your class... Show them how to explore the Leo Finance ecosystem, teach them the basics and once they make their first post, call it an intro post through Leo Finance frontend, show them about the endless possibilities the Hive ecosystem offers.

Encourage your newly Lion Fam to post at least once a week on Leo, and then invite them to explore all the other dapps and become active in those they might enjoy the most! After all, if Hive goes viral all dapps benefit, and if Leo goes viral then Hive benefits which in turn helps all the other dapps.

It's a win/win situation, all you have to do is Bring your Fam to Leo!

Bring your Fam to Leo week will run from this moment to June 30th 23:59 PST.

Do your part, help Leo Finance and the Hive ecosystem grow during this bear market and let other people know of what they're missing out by not being part of Leo and Hive.

What's in it for you if you join this initiative?


Except well you know, growing your community, helping your blockchain go viral, making your favorite Hive dapp (that's Leo by the way) trend and take a step closer to going mainstream.

Over the past couple of months we've shown the masses how committed the Leo Finance community is, and how we can work for the same goals together as a 600 Lion pride.

Let's grow the size of this pride, in the end, the Lion power lies in the numbers.

A few recommendations

  • Invite and onboard a new Lion, use this post to show them that Leo is for everyone
  • You can use this tutorial to teach them how to open a Leo Finance account using Facebook
  • Teach the New Lion how to post, and let them know that using the tag #newlion will allow the community to welcome them. Tell them to mention your username so we all know who's the Lion who's growing the community.
  • Use Leopedia to show them how many resources they have to learn about Leo and the Hive ecosystem.
  • Consider that the best time - not the only time though - to onboard them and encourage them to make their first post is between right now and June 30th, 23:59 PDT.
  • In an ideal scenario, the #newlion you onboard is entirely new to the Hive ecosystem, but you can also Bring your Hive Fam to Leo if they haven't done a single post on Leo Finance before :D

Invite a #newlion that makes their first post on Leo Finance - through the Leo frontend and using the tag #newlion - and you might get a surprise. You may not, but you're not doing this for the reward, you're doing this because Leo belongs to the masses, right?

You don't have to, but if you want, reblog this post, and if you want to contribute at a larger scale, make a post about this initiative so more Lions (and Hivers) hear about it! Use the tag #bringyourfam, our curators will be on the lookout for both tags #newlion and #bringyourfam

One new Lion per month

Imagine if each of us - the 600 monthly active lions - successfully invites and onboards a #newlion at least once every two months... We would be thousands of Lions by the end of this year.

Do you know what helps a community grow, become stronger, have an impervious token vs the bears, and have a real impact on the cryptoverse?

The amount of community members.

So do your part, Bring your Fam to Leo this week.

All the Hive liquid rewards from this post will be sent to HBD stabilizer, so don't hesitate to upvote this to make it trend!