First Plan of Hive Promotion With Hive Logo On Coffee Shop Wall - Cost $30

It's been more than a week since I joined the hive community, I have learned a lot in this community, that we must be creative for the community and good at making post content.

My mission and vision in hive community

  1. Hive promotion through coffeeshop
  2. Hive promotion through message logos used with coffee cups or banners
  3. Invest in hive gradually in the future.
  4. Make this account a social media for my coffeeshop
  5. Be an example for others on how to run a coffeeshop business.


At this time I want to inform all of you, that my plan for the promotion of hive has started by measuring the size of the upper wall of my coffee shop.

Therefore, today I measured the length and width of the upper wall. You can see the photo below while my employees were watching and monitoring the right size. and we decided to make 3 connected banners. why don't we just make 1 banner, because it will be blocked by wood in the middle.




The size we get is 10x1 meters , length x width. if it is divided into 3 banners it will be 3,3 x 1 meters. In the 3rd image, I will add the hive logo there. and that became my first plan in hive promotion

In this plan, it is estimated that it will cost $30 to print 3 banners

For now there is no design. however, in the next post I will make an example of a banner design. because I also want to get comments and suggestions from all of you.

cc: @acidyo, @ocd, @ocdb, @ausbitbank, @theycallmedan

Kind regard : @coffeehive


I do not know what to say. This really gives me great motivation. thank you very much the hive community and also whale for giving big votes. Once again, thank you so much