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Psyberx Awakening 2 [] Dragon Deathmatch

Neketa spent the next few years of her life receiving constant training and attacking the world powers. All these years, she kept her identity hidden, this made it difficult for the humans to track her down.

el Origen


The location of the Cyber Surge remained a mystery to Neketa. The humans did a great job keeping it hidden. She hit jackpot on her 356th mission where she captured Mr Koniv, a man whose generation has always been in charge of keeping records of the true history of earth and making sure it doesn't get out to the rest of the world.

"You will tell me where the Cyber surge is hidden, or I will kill your family in front of you and end the Koniv lineage."

Neketa threatened Mr Koniv as she held a knife to his son's throat.

"Look, I don't know where it is hidden, nobody does because the cyber surge is always moving."

"What do you mean nobody knows. Don't bull shit me."

"I wouldn't risk my son's life by lying to you. The only person that knows where the surge is at every point is Daria."

"Who is Daria and how can i find her?"

"You don't find Daria she finds you."

Daria reported back to the Cybers who have been communicating with her through computers. They did a research on Daria and fed Neketa all she needed to know about her. Daria The DragonScale, a lions guard who was able to summon any type of dragon. This was why the Cyber Surge couldn't be found, it was always moving, inside one of the dragons.

Image From Splinterlands


That night when she went out for her regular missions, something strange happened in the woods. She Kept hearing movements and tweaks breaking. Suddenly a strange figure came out of the woods and knocked her unconscious.

When her eyes finally opened, she found herself in a strange place. The skies were full of dragons of different sizes. She noticed a sword at her neck.

el Origen

"What do you want with the Cyber Surge?"

Daria asked.

"You must be the legendary dragon guard. I need to awaken the Cyberpunk city, they have been shut down for a long time."

"Awaken the Cybers and have them take their technology away from us. I can't let you do that. I'll have to kill you."

Daria said raising her sword to kill Neketa, who tried to buy herself more time.

"Legend has it that The Dragonscale always killed her enemies honorably. Are you going to slaughter me tied up like an animal."


This made Daria pause for a while and then unbound Neketa giving her back her weapons. That was when Neketa realized that they were on a cliff, a part of the earth hidden from the rest of the world.

"It's still your funeral those dragons up there will never let you kill me."

"I'd rather die fighting."

Neketa said dashing out towards Daria cutting a spot in her face with her knife. Daria touched her face, feeling her blood.

"I see you are not a normal human."

Daria said a bit surprised.

"Yeah, meet Neketa half human, half cyber. Nice to meet you too."


They fought for hours, Knives clashing against swords and armour, with the dragons raining down fire anytime Neketa had Daria at a tight spot. Neketa realized she was no match against Daria, especially with The dragons watching her every move. If she was to win this battle, she needed a surprise move, something sudden that even the dragons wouldn't see it coming.

Her opportunity came when Daria stood at the edge of the cliff, She ran as fast as she could intending to push Daria over the cliff, but Daria was much faster. Seeing her coming, Daria docked pushing Neketa down the cliff.



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