Remembrances of "Bereg" Kharkiv, Ukraine - Some Photographs

I never thought that I would be spending this summer in Holland. Well, not like a tourist, as a refugee. Right now, the Netherlands is very confused about what to do with the Ukrainians who fleed from the war. The government can't call these Ukrainians "refugees" because these refugees are under temporary protection and they are not fully refugees. So, the situation here is very complicated and complex in my opinion. Even there is not adequate housing to give shelter to these people. Many people are displaced from their families and now took shelter in the Netherlands to stay safe. But the government doesn't know how to deal with these people. Whenever I ask questions to the Almere municipality, they say we don't know. As a result, many people are thinking to move to other countries.

This summer will be the most horrible summer in my life. Last summer I was in Ukraine and I traveled a lot. I went to different places, villages and explored different areas of Kharkiv city. I was so happy. Now at least I can say that I have seen the beauty of Kharkiv city. I do regret that I haven't seen the entire Ukraine but when the war will be over, definitely I will travel. My phone is full of images of different locations. I haven't shared about them and I don't know when I am gonna share about them. I have been to different resorts, attended BBQ parties, and events, and enjoyed the beautiful sunset near Lozovenka and Donets river. I admire those days, they were magical and had plenty of emotions. I am glad that I am carrying those beautiful moments with me though I am not in good shape right now. I can't travel anywhere now though I am in Europe.

Last year I was thinking about Euro-tour even before COVID, I had a plan for Euro-tour and now here I am. The circumstances are different and that's why I think I should take the time to travel again. Already my work colleagues gave me a lot of information about Holland and gave me a long list of "places to see". So, probably soon I will start exploring different locations, but I don't know yet. I only saw Amsterdam, Warsaw (Poland), Katowice (Poland), Almere, DanHaag and Ruda Slaska (Poland). This is not a euro tour after all.

Anyway, Today I decided to share some images from my memory lane. Few photos of last summer in Kharkiv near the Lozovenka river. I have written about "Bereg" before and created a lot of posts and videos about it. This "Bereg" trip was one of the most exciting and great tours and BBQ parties in my life. I don't know what the Netherlands will look like during summer but I should admit, we used to do a lot of activities during summer in Kharkiv. We used to go to the beach near the lake or river, we used to do BBQ parties or picnics, we used to go to summer cottages in the village for relaxation even we used to go to the forest as well. Life in Kharkiv was completely different than here in Almere. Almere is a modern city and there is no historical background where on the other hand, Kharkiv is a historical city that holds the history of the Soviet era.

Anyway, enjoy the photos...




The photos are taken near the Lozovenka river and the location is known as Bereg resort. During winter, the location stays closed but in summer and spring, people go there for weddings or for doing parties. This village Lozova is recently hit by Russian Force, unfortunately.

It was a perfect place for a summer weekend.



And last but not least, mesmerizing sunset near Lozovenka...


Device: Samsung S20 Ultra
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
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