Woman Seriously Injured By COVID Shot: "Don't Let Yourself Be Bullied. If You Don't Want The Shot, Say NO!"

The guilting, shaming and bullying of people who do not want a COVID shot by people who think they are medical experts but who deny the actual science and reality here needs to stop now.

This woman has spoken publicly about her experience with the experimental COVID shots, her shot has left her hosptialised, having seizures and a long list of other symptoms.
She states that she was very healthy prior to injection and now is in a very bad state of health - the problems beginning only 30 minutes after being injected.

The reality of the COVID shots is that they are EXPERIMENTAL. If somoene says to you that they know that the shots are 'safe and effective', they are lying, period.
The safety trials are in progress, completed in 2023. The shots are issued as an experimental emergency authorisation, they are NOT safety approved as drugs usually are before being widely used.

A major court case is in progress in the US, with more on the way globally, which highlight the level of malpractice and subterfuge behind the rollout of these shots.

Note: My actions in posting this and other material are in the interest of furthering public knowledge and discussion on this vital topic. Silicon valley and many govenments have been actively censoring and denying real scientific discussion of these topics - this is apparently not being done in good faith and may well be motivated by personal power gain among those in positions of power.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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