Never Miss Monitoring Hive Price!

In the bear crypto market, the change in the price is very quick. You should also make a quick decision. That is why monitoring Hive price every hour or minute is necessary.
The drop in the crypto market can take a few minutes.

When you see the Hive price continuing to fall, you should convert to HBD. You cannot monitor the Hive price in internal exchanges such as the hive-engine market, but you should monitor the Hive price in external markets such as Binance, Bittrex, Ionomy, Indodax, and others.You can also use

The trading volume on the internal exchanges is too low. The internal exchanges will have no strong influence on the Hive price change.

If the hive price falls to $0.4 in a few days, the current price will last for several weeks.In that situation, you do not need to monitor Hive every hour. Hive price will be more stable in this situation because there is no panic selling or buying.

If available in the exchanges, Hive is better paired with HBD. If there is no HBD, you’d better convert Hive to a stable coin. You can also sell your Hive in an external exchange. Then you use HBD to convert your hive. It is much more secure.

Panic selling and buying is the cause of the quick change in the crypto market. The Bitcoin price change will influence all the crypto prices. When you convert your HBD or stable coin to Hive, you will earn double value. If you have 1,000 Hive , you can convert to 500 HBD. When the Hive price falls further, it is time to multiply your Hive assets. If you can get 2,000 Hive from your 500 HBD, you should HODL your Hive then.