Hivers, Let's Play a Game - Fill in the Countries Map

Just how good are Hivers at Geography? I'd like to think we could be better than average.


  1. Print out the map above. Alternatively, print out the more local maps with more space/detail:
  2. Without using any guide, an atlas or the internet, fill out as many country names as you can. Be honest!
  3. Optional: Score yourself based on how many correctly guessed countries.
    a. 3 points for correct country in correct place
    b. 1 point for incorrect country but within correct continent
    c. 0 points for blank
    d. -1 points for incorrect country in incorrect continent.
  4. Scan/photograph your sheet and share it in a new Hive post, along with your score if you scored yourself.

It's not a big prize, but I will upvote and reblog everyone who participates.

I found the images below suitable for printing.