Can We Make HBD A Second Gas Token On Hive? A Liquid One!

Luna works in this way. It has more then one gas token, where you can make transactions as long as you have one native gas token.

The standard way the gas tokens work on other blockchains is you make an operation and it costs you some fee.
Hive with its unique RCs system has the advantage of feeless transactions.

This might sound great, but imagen hive at 10$ or more. To be able to to transactions a 10HP will cost a 100$.

At this point some might be willing to spend few cents to make a few operation without locking HP that costs 100$ long term.

Like if one operations costs 0.01 HBD

All HBD used as gas in burned. This will make another sink for HBD.

Users will still have the option to power up Hive and pay zero fees, but also the option to not power up and pay fee as they are used to other chains. I find this to be a great synergy of both of the worlds when it comes to fees.


Some work will be needed for this to become reality but might worth the effort.