Can't Get Any Traction on HIVE

Hello my fellow HIVERS (HIVIANS?). I've been at this now for a couple weeks. There use to be plenty of exposure and lots of views over on Steemit, but this seems to be a whole new ball of wax (no pun intended...really). If you look at my channel on you'll see that most of my videos barely scrape by with 2 or 3 views.

Lemme have it...perhaps my content is subpar. If it's something else...what's the secret to getting 3speak videos before a larger audience.

What is the viewership of Perhaps I'm not understanding something here. Is 3Speak the same as HIVE? If so, why are view counts different? For example...I've gotten more "votes" on HIVE than I get views on 3Speak. Don't quite understand that.

If you have any constructive criticism or info..I'm all ears.