A Tale of Two Pizzas contest entry

Charlie woke up early the next morning and made his way to the Baron's estate. He knocked on the door doing his best to not exude the unhappiness he felt inside at his situation.

'How am I going to make this many pizzas? What has my life come to? Slave away burning my eyebrows off everyday or lose my head refusing the Baron, what a life.' He thought to himself waiting on the door to open.

The door opened and Otto led him into a room outside the meeting room of the Baron.

"Wait here, the Baron will meet with you shortly."

After several minutes of staring at the walls thinking about the hell that was the pizza furnace that awaited him, Charlie finally heard the door to the meeting room open.

"The Baron will see you now Charlie" Otto said.

Charlie walked into the meeting room waiting to here the fate that has befallen him.

"Charlie! The man of the hour and best cook this side of the Rockies! How does it feel to be the most talked about cook on the planet?" The Baron exclaimed

"You honor me sir" Charlie replied.

"Nonsense, and please, drop the honorifics you can call me Danny. You are critical to the success of our village and the plan I have conceived and I'll need your help to perfect the plan I have in mind. Do you think you can do that?"

"I'll do my best si-Danny."

"Good, good, that's what I like to hear, take a seat. Otto you as well." The Baron said as he took a seat at the head of the meeting table, with Charlie sitting on his left and Otto on his right.

"Now for my plan, I have promised 1 pizza a week to all the Baron's who attended. That's 529 pizzas per week. This number may grow even larger as pizza is definitely a powerful bargaining chip, at least for now."

"Sir, how will I make that many pizzas?!" Charlie exclaimed

"Please, call me Danny, and I'm getting to that part. First we will only offer two pizzas on our menu, it will be up to you to bring me your proposal on what the second one should be. Obviously as supreme was such a big hit we will be keeping that one. Second I want to put together a team for you. You will be responsible for training the initial batch and quality control will fall to you, but hopefully with more hands it will lighten your load. How many people do you think you'll need for this?"

"Sir, don't you think you're giving a chef to much power in this?" Otto asked

"Nonsense, he's the single most critical part of this plan, he knows what he needs best." The Baron replied looking at Charlie expectantly.

"Si-Danny the numbers are hard to guess exactly. To start with one person for each kind of pizza for all the positions, making the dough, topping preparation, and packing. Two people for grinding down the ingredients to make the dough and making the sauce would also be needed. I would also need people to do the packaging. I will oversee the baking myself as that is the most critical part." Charlie said thoughtfully.

"Good, good, this can be done." The Baron replied. "I will also make sure you have the ingredients you need, however you will need to let me know what you need ahead of time so that I can make sure it is delivered in time."

"Of course, also Danny it would also be useful to have another oven for this amount of pizzas eventually." Charlie said.

"That will be more difficult but it can be done in due time. Now go, think of the second pizza to add to your menu chef. Otto, see him out."

"Yes sir." Otto said as he and Charlie stood up and left.

Otto talked to Charlie on their way out the building but Charlie couldn't hear it, he was to busy thinking about his second pizza. Walking back to his house he was wrapped up in his thoughts going through all the ingredients he had access to and the pizzas from before the Fall.

'This may not be as bad as I thought after all.' Otto thought to himself