Creating Your Own Opportunities [Part 3]

Many people may say that opportunity only come once but I say to you that everyday we live, we are presented with countless opportunities. More so, we all can create opportunities but only if we will. That is, the ability to create opportunities may have been deposited in everyone but you are the one to willing discover it and take advantage of it. In our last episode, we considered how opportunities can be created. Here, we shall also consider some more tips that can help one to the create the desired opportunity.


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1. Think of a particular problem facing people and the solution to proffer for it

Many people may be hoping for opportunities to come while the same opportunities maybe staring them in the face without them even realizing it. Most time, what other people may call problem is actually an opportunity for you. One of the easiest ways to create opportunities is to move to proffer the solutions to the challenges facing people. Think of a particular service that you can render to people that you know they earnestly need. This could be your breakthrough.

It does not matter how bad a situation is or how challenging it is, the truth is that it is still an opportunity for the person that understands how opportunity works. During the last dry season, water was temporarily cut off around my neighbourhood, and the reservoirs and wells were dried up. The issue of lack of water posed a great challenge within the neighbourhood and people would normally search for long to even buy water. One guy within my neighbourhood saw this as an opportunity. He has a tricycle and he converted it to water delivery shuttle. He would take empty gallons, drive to the borehole, fetch water, then sell it to the people that need it within the neighbourhood.

What others saw as a problem was what he converted into an opportunity to make money. Within a day, he would have so many orders to deliver water and at a point, his younger brother that owns a tricycle also helped in the business. I can tell you that he made so much money by delivering water. You too can think of a solution to prefer within your own neighbourhood.

2. Don't be idle. What your hands find to do, you should do it well

If you wait for opportunities to fall on your laps, you will wait and waste. More often than not, opportunities are created when you get your hands busy with something. An idle mind breeds an idle hand. You need to get something doing. I have a friend that, over the current ASUU strike of university students, she started learning how to sew clothes. She attached herself with a garment designer close to her house and gave it all it took. Guess what! The strike is not yet over but she has gotten a skill - fashion designing. Not just that, she is now making money with it.


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All these were possible because she got busy with what her hand found to do. If she had just folded her hands at home and waiting for opportunities to fall into her laps or for ASUU to call off strike so that she can go back to school, she would have missed out of something beautiful. Now, even if the strike is called off, she now has a skill and a handwork which she can continue in school to make money for herself.

There are some levels of opportunities that you may never be able to get until you get your hands busy. At the point you are, there is something that you can do or at least, start up from where you are. Even if the government or any other entity does not provide opportunity for you, then create one. If everyone was to wait for someone else to create an opportunity for them, the world would have been totally messed up. The beauty of living is by making the most out of life - that is, creating opportunities for yourself and for others.

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Peace on y'all