Sometimes I go into town on the bus. Here in New Zealand all the good little sheeple are supposed to wear muzzles on public transport to protect the covid cult members from "catching a virus". And even after 18 months of this horseshit, most people still believe it.


I've never worn a muzzle myself and have only been told I "had" to wear one on two occasions. Both times I just laughed, said nothing, and walked on by. On the whole, muzzleheads are too chickenshit to do anything, even if they think you should be arrested on the spot. They cower behind their face nappies and NEVER EVER meet a direct look to their eyes - they just look downwards immediately.

Generally, about 80% of passengers wear muzzles, and about 20% don't. That doesn't seem to be changing much. But today was cool. An old geezer with bugger all teeth got on with no muzzle and started coughing like fuck. Some tool started telling him to get off the bus if he was going to cough without a mask. And then a guy (who may have been a bit fruit-loops, but who isn't?) started yelling "There is no virus in New Zealand, it's all bullshit")

With a big grin on my face I turned back to look, and saw a busload of muzzleheads all looking like they were about to shit themselves. It was a YES moment that made my day!

Later, heading back home, it was after school and there were lots of teenage girls getting on the bus. NONE of them were wearing muzzles - it is now not hip to wear them, and teenage girls have stopped. (They do still wear ripped jeans and look like complete numpties, but Rome wasn't built in a day).

So who is turning the tide? - toothless old geezers, loud as fuck nut jobs, and teenage girls!

Life is not always as ordained by politicians. Thank fuck...