Atmosphere of Ulee Gle Market in the Daytime.



Hello friends, how are you guys today, I really miss you, I'm very happy to be with you all, even though we are from different places but we always share articles on hive, I really miss you all, and I hope all hive friends in good health and always in the protection of the almighty. In my days when I open hives I am very happy to see posts that friends have shared, I am very entertained and also add insight.

Praise be to God who has given blessings and health so that we can re-share posts on hive on this happy occasion. First of all, I would like to thank the honorable ones, namely all hive friends wherever they are.

On this occasion I want to share some posts that I have prepared. All my friends this afternoon went to one of the markets around my hometown, I took my grandmother to shop at the fish market arrived at the fish market I took some pictures which on the day I went to the market the market looked very crowded, a lot people who are shopping in the market. This is one of the markets in the Ulee Gle Pidie Jaya area. In this area a lot of traders who sell fish and other spices. I went to take my dear grandma to shop for fish and other spices, I waited for her on my vehicle then I saw the market conditions were very busy so I took my smartphone to take some pictures. Let's take a look at the market conditions near my hometown.







I also saw a car that was transporting palm oil, when I saw this car located in my hometown, it seemed that the car took palm oil in the palm oil plantation and took it to another place. Indeed, in my area, I have many oil palm plantations close to the mountains, but in my village, there is nothing that has a lot of palm oil, only Dika near the mountain has a lot of oil. Many people have large plantations planted with oil palm, actually for oil palm farmers, for example, if the oil is expensive, it has a lot of advantages. I am interested in having an oil palm plantation, but because my location is close to the city, I don't have an oil palm plantation.







Still at the place where I usually sit, there is a friend of mine who sells tape, but his product does have a very good taste, lots of buyers have bought tape from him and some have even ordered it.






At the end of this post I say once again a big thank you to hive friends who have supported it. I hope that friends can leave suggestions in the comments column, so that with suggestions from all of my friends, I can display even better posts.

"Best wishes"

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