Wanna trade bees with mees??? :)

I'm SUPPOSED to be working...

but nooooooo I blame @disregardfiat for these shenanigans!!!! 不

So I had my this tab open after HiveFest - to get my little bee avatar NFT that he created on dlux.io

Very cool- just a nice little parting gift from him for attending HiveFest! But - I'm not really into changing up my avatar. I like my avatar! It's me.

So the post sat there, and sat there, and today, I'm catching up and I say to @penderis. oh! shoot - is it too late to collect my bee avatar??! and no - it wasn't

It minted

If I loved it? I would have just said - oh. cool. Now I have it. Onto the next part of my day!

But I did not. 不

And then I started looking at the OTHER avatars that were claimed and coveting them LOLOLOLOL (THANK YOU SO MUCH @disregardfiat!!! ) hmm clever one, he is.

Now, most people know my OTHER avatar is ... this


so clearly. here are the bees I want to trade with. hehehehe

@drabs587 - because he's got my pirate hat, a cool scar, and a vneck shirt hahaha


@padom2020 - because he's like a happy little vampire pirate with cool purple eyes!


@xykorlz - because.. um... come on. LOL look at that bee. that is freaking awesome LOL

so if either of you wants to trade with me? yayyyy! unless you are super attached to your bees. then, I shall understand perfectly and wish you all the best with your bees! hehee


oh - and @Penderis was looking (since I was showing him the cool ones) and he said that he would also consider trading with

@a1-shroom-spores - cuz he's a bad ass snarky pirate bee


@chronocrypto - cuz he's a sad, introverted pirate bee hahahahaha


and if you all haven't gotten your bees yet - and you have a token awaiting you from HiveFest thanks to @disregardfiat - get over there and wait to see what kind of NFT bee gets minted for you!!! If you want to know more about it - check out this post on it

If you get a pirate one... come show me! LOLOL