Hive price dropped to $0.4. It affects all hive-engine tokens. POB is one of the tokens that was hit by the Hive price decline. The POB price last week was 0.018 and today is 0.0187. Nonetheless, the USD value has dropped by more than 30%. The price of POB in USD value was $0.014 and today it is $0.009.

It is time to buy and stake. I am monitoring the Hive price. The bottom price of Hive was around $0.036 yesterday, but today it has recovered to $0.46. If the Hive price is still at $0.4, there will be temporary price stabilization. That is the time to buy more hive and HODL. The possibility of the Hive price declining to the lower level of $0.036 is little because you can see the price of bitcoin starting to recover too. The price of Bitcoin gradually rises from $27,000 to $30,000.

POB has no problem with the Hive price. It is still the same as last week. I hope the price of POB can climb slowly at the level of 0.03 Hive in the next few days. The key is to buy and stake. You will get more POB at the price of 0.0187 than at the price of 0.03.

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