Proof of Brain.Blog Development Log

It has been several days since I advertised my solution of Promotions added to
Proof of Brain.Blog.

Language Detection

On commit bc774c6110e65f04c4f378cd504d3a61fe669d6d on the last day of November, I removed header based language detection. I thought I had fixed it earlier, but it was still buggy. From time to time elements were being displayed in Ukrainian in my browser. Sometimes previews would happen in Chinese.

I tried to chase down the problem. I never caught the header values changing in the program. So it probably isn't that. I thought maybe some elements were being stored in some cache between the machine the server runs and mine. I don't see how caching can be the cause when it is over SSL.

I realized it was taking too much of my time. Given that there are other features which are more important for the users they want, I had to give up this feature in order to have something that works well for the majority of the users who post in English most of the time anyway.

Migrating from Configuration to Component Properties

That's a mouthful. Instead of a graphical component accessing the configuration constants directly, I made many components have properties shadow some of these constants. This makes testing possible when the software is deployed to multiple domains.

Installation Instructions fixed and Updated.

When I first started on Bluebrain, I started following the README file . I found it had many omissions. Now that someone has stepped forward to work on the software. I found it now had some omissions. The Makefile needed fixing as well. This is so developers can convert the code written into software that can be run, by typing in a single four letter word. I won't use it here.

Other Things that are not live.

There are other features in the change log which are not yet live. Once a feature works well enough, I will put it on the site.

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