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An Opportunity For Asean Member

This is an opportunity outside of Hive blogging. This is called affiliate marketing. Do you know Shopee, Lazada, Wego, AirAsia and other retailers. They are retail partners that you can earn commission from selling their products.

Nike is one of the advertisers on the platform. You can join by clicking this banner

The registration is simple. You need to verify your email. There are tents of advertisers. You should apply for a partner.
Involve.Asia focuses on the Asian market. You will earn from the referral system too. To be accepted, you should use your online presence from social media and websites.You may use your Twitter, Instagram, YouTube channel, websites, and blogs.Fortunately, I have a personal blog at ahmadfz.my.id, so I was accepted as a partner. The proposal will take 24 hours. Your properties will be reviewed by the team. When you are accepted, you can start campaigning for the referral program.
To get advertisers, you need to choose the advertiser lists and apply for the partnership. There are auto approved partnerships; they are Adidas, Nike, Domino's Pizza, and other stores.
Here are the platform's money-making programs.

  1. CPA or Cost Per Action - You will earn when customers sign up for the account of the advertiser.
  2. CPS or Cost Per Sale - You will earn when you sell products or services of the advertiser.
  3. CPC or Cost Per Click - You will earn when your affiliate link gets clicked by visitors.
    There are performance reports where you can see the clicks of your campaign. OK, you can join the platform for free.
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