Is Humanity Doomed?

With our current culture of easy access to information, social media and entertainment (I suppose these are the contributing factors), it seems to me that people are becoming more and more disconnected with reality. Their warmth as human beings is fading. Have you experienced this? I'm around people who just appear to be numb. There's no light in their eyes. There's no fire in their spirit. Like they're just slabs of human flesh...non-persons navigating through life, drifting like aimless tumbleweeds. Cold.

When you talk with them, it's almost like they have an appetite for ONE thing - to stick their faces back into their glowing devices. You pass a table full of people at a restaurant and nobody's talking, they're checking their messages on their phones, or watching a video.

Heck, it's even happened to me. The thought will cross my mind, "I'd rather be sitting in front of my computer right now." Is technology THAT addicting? Have we really allowed it to enter our lives and affect our relationships?

Then we have all these people holding clear narcissists, criminals and charlatans up as heroes. Politicians, movie stars...and people like Anthony (when you attack me, you attack science itself) Fraudsti. What's going on here? How can people NOT see that the individuals they're putting up on pedestals are the same as the rest of us?

Looks like what the social engineers of our day do is create, package and mass-market fictitious heroes from the never ending gaggle of real world villains and criminals. They reinvent personas to seduce the unthinking masses into identifying with them and setting them up as saviors.

There's a proverb that says something like, "Kings and rulers make a tragic mistake: Fools are appointed to positions of power, while the truly rich in heart, the men of integrity, sit in positions of derision. I have seen slaves on horseback, while actual princes travel on foot like slaves."

Anyway...thanks for letting me vent. I'd love to hear YOUR take. What's YOUR experience with people in YOUR neck of the woods?